How to Choose the Best High-End Laptop


macbook pro
Choosing on which high-end laptop to buy could be s difficult decision to make considering it will cost you thousands of pounds. So before having your mind set on a particular laptop, it’s important to look around the market to see which laptop will suit your budget and your needs the most. You want to get your money’s worth at the end of the day. To help you choose the right one, we’ve provided a few recommendations below. Each laptop varies on specs, price and quality.

Huawei Mate Book X Signature Edition

Many laptop brands are jumping on the bandwagon by introducing ultra-thin laptops. These laptops are becoming high in demand due to its portability which attracts many users today. Huawei is one of the many popular brands who has decided to release their version of an ultra-thin laptop. What’s great about this laptop is the impressive specs which have an Intel HD Graphics, 8GB RAM and a storage space of 512GB. Other benefits include portability, attractive design and a reasonable price. Not all laptops are perfect, the disadvantages of this laptop are the limitation of the ports and being fanless which leads to overheating. The overheating may cause a problem for users who need to maximise their productivity. Other than, it’s still an all rounded laptop and are great for travellers on the go.

microsoft surface book

Microsoft Surface Book

The Microsoft surface book is a combination of a laptop and a tablet. The laptop can be turned into a tablet as it has a detachable multi-touch screen. It’s great for users who like to work on both laptop and tablets. Tablets is another piece of technology that everyone seems to love due to its portability. Other than the amazing design, the surface book comes with many other impressive features including high-performance specs, long battery life and high-quality graphics. The only downside is the lack of ports and the expensive price tag.

Apple Mac book Pro

The list won’t be complete without an apple mac book pro. Apple has recently introduced an updated version of the mac book pro. The newer version is built with a slicker design and lighter weight to compete with other portable laptops in the market. A new touch bar has been added for shortcuts, and the graphics are crispier than before. Like with all the laptops from Apple, you can expect to have a high-quality performance. Some of the downsides include the limited amount of ports and the cost.

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