How to Buy a Laptop Screen

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Screen of laptop computers are liquid crystal displays (LCDs). They are composed of polarized material and the liquid crystal solution. Hence, the screen of your laptop is a very intricate and sensitive piece of computer hardware. Replacing the laptop screen could be an expensive exercise. Sometimes screens are salvaged from old computers or broken laptops. On the other hand, you can contact various companies for purchasing a used or new laptop screen.

Here’s how you can buy a laptop screen

Write down the part number of your computer screen. Now contact the manufacturer of your laptop or try to locate as much information you can about the screen. You can ask the sales representative of your laptop company for the screen’s part number. That would ensure that you purchase the correct replacement. Besides, always inquire about the pricing of a new screen. The cost of laptop screens can go up to a few hundred dollars when your purchase it from the manufacturer. Keep the price quote for any further reference.

Determine the size of the screen. If you buy the wrong size it won’t be of any use. For instance, a 17-inch laptop screen won’t fit into a 14-inch laptop.

There are several companies that vend laptop screens. These companies are popularly known as the laptop resources provider. Give the part number of your laptop screen to the sales representative and ask for the price. Compare the given price with the quote from the manufacturer. Inquire with the representative whether they have an upgraded screen and the installation instructions for the make of laptop that you have. Alternately you can locate a computer or laptop repair shop in your neighborhood. You can find them on your local yellow pages directory.

Make sure that the screen you intend to buy comes with appropriate warranty. It should cover serviceable parts. Don’t buy a screen that doesn’t come with any warranty.

Purchase the laptop screen that best adheres to your budget. You can make the purchases online, by visiting the store in person or over the phone.

As soon as you receive your new laptop computer screen, inspect the same for cracks, scratches or any other damages. If you know how to fix the screen, you can do it yourself or call a technician to do it for you.

Compare the prices of various laptop screens online ahead of buying the one that suits you best.

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